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A comprehensive range of consulting services focused on Information Security. We ensure you get the maximum benefit from your IT security product purchases. We focus on robust and efficient implementations to ensure that your vulnerabilities are plugged and you have peace of mind your data and systems are secure.

Keystone can help its customers in understanding and correcting network and system security issues with Network Vulnerability Assessment service offering. This assessment service determines what security vulnerabilities exist on the network and various systems and how to fix them. The vulnerability assessment cover network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls etc and Operating systems like Windows NT, Solaris and Linux. 


  • Host and service discovery to determine how many hosts are on the network and which network services each host is currently running
  • Vulnerability analysis to determine all potential vulnerabilities for each network service running on each identified host
  • Vulnerability measurement and data collection to identify methods of entry into an organization's corporate network through exploitation of network vulnerabilities
  • Generation of executive reports in graphical format and technical reports in text format for all the vulnerabilities detected by the scan
  • Gap analysis between the existing security policy and the one actually implemented
  • Recommendations to identify the right safeguards plus findings and specific recommendations for each system

Security Audit

Security audits involve a set of periodic, pro-active compliance and assurance activities that help assess the security of the IT infrastructure of your organization. They encompass security architecture, policy and vulnerability assessment.


An audit of this nature is typically carried out at the enterprise IT organisation level and its objective is to access the IT infrastructure in the context of security and availability. The elements covered in this service are

  • Network devices like firewalls, Intrusion detection systems, VPN etc.
  • Analysis of gaps in existing IT network infrastructure


This assessment service determines the nature of security vulnerabilities which exist on the network as well as hosts, and methods of mitigation. The vulnerability assessment covers network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls etc. and Operating systems like Windows NT, Solaris and Linux. This activity is usually performed by executing tool-based scans on network and hosts within the client's internal network. Keystone also provides an External Penetration testing Service. The objective is to assess the security posture of Critical Internet facing equipment. This activity is usually performed by executing tool-based scans on network and hosts that are visible on the Internet.      


  • Vulnerabilities on each network device and host
  • Recommendations to identify the right safeguards plus findings and specific recommendations for each system

Policy Design

We evaluate and design all components of your security policy - from ensuring that the overall policy is in sync with your organizational goals to focusing on specific components, such as network applications, systems and the Internet. Our technical engineers specialize in different areas of IT infrastructure security and they also ensure that the policy can be easily implemented.

We provide guidelines and policies that cover:

  • Management controls
  • Secure connectivity
  • Computer usage
  • User / special access
  • Computer network hook-up
  • Router security
  • Network operating system security
  • Server operating system security
  • Intrusion detection and response
  • Firewall policy
  • Email policy
  • World wide web policy
  • Escalation procedures for managing breach of security
  • Security incident handling procedures
  • Third party network connections
  • Backup and storage
  • Event handling and reporting

Performance Tuning

Networks and user expectations are constantly expanding, higher demands are being placed on existing systems and your network has to be available and secure 365 / 24 x 7. Keystone takes your security system one-step further by offering services targeted at performance systems, highly available, load balanced and accelerated solutions.

Our engineers will help you design, troubleshoot and maintain high performance security solutions.

We perform installations based on either hardware or software load balancing and high availability configurations for firewalls, VPN's, and anti-virus clusters. We have a set of services specifically designed for web servers, caches, reverse proxy configurations and accelerated encryption technologies.

We help maximize your bandwidth with services focused on Traffic Shaping, bandwidth management and network analysis. 

Manage Security


  • Protecting against information security-related losses in revenue, shareholder equity, productivity, proprietary data and customer confidence.
  • Putting information security in the hands of a highly trained and specialized staff, supported by world-class Security Operations Centers and leading edge research and development team.
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership for their security infrastructure, including the expenses associated with monitoring and maintaining security on a 24x7 basis

The managed services offerings include:

  • Managed Firewall Services
  • High available enterprise firewall managed services
  • Client VPN
  • Managed Site - Site VPN
  • Managed intrusion detection service
  • Managed anti-virus services

Additional to these services we offer Incident response, forensics and managed security helpdesk. The range of products and services we offer can help you enforce the policy, that in turn helps you as an IT manager reduce your company's liability.


We have a proven track record of network security deployment in a wide variety of environments; from simple single network systems to enterprise-scale integration of Internet, intranet, extranet, VPN and public access security.

Our professional services team consists of experienced engineers who positively contribute to any project they are engaged in.

Our security services include:

  • Firewall implementations
  • VPN configurations
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Strong Authentication deployment
  • Content filtering and anti-virus solutions
  • IP address management
  • Public access server configurations
  • Secure E-mail deployment
  • Reporting and Alert configurations

Network Design

As connectivity increases, so does the risk of network attacks. In this environment, two factors drive the need for a security system: the need to maintain the integrity of data communications and the need to protect intellectual property and information assets.

A secure architecture requires assessment and configuration of every aspect of the network. We recommend an optimal architecture and provide product recommendations. We set up authentication, authorization, access control and data integrity policies as well as best practice policies for all products.

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