Web Security Gateway
Websense® Web Security Gateway solutions are the industry’s leading secure Web gateway solutions, providing the best protection against modern Web threats at the lowest total cost of ownership. They are the only solutions to provide enterprise-class data loss prevention and unified management of hybrid on-premise/Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployments. Secure Web gateway solutions enable organizations to leverage the power of Web 2.0 without worrying about malware, inappropriate content, employee productivity, or disclosure of sensitive information. Web Security Gateway solutions offer: - Dynamic and Scripted Web Malware Protection – Real-time security scanning provided by the Websense Advanced Classification Engine protects against legacy file-based attacks as well as Web scripts and dynamic threats that evade traditional antivirus. - Employee Productivity – Over 90 customizable Web content categories and advanced application controls enable highly granular acceptable use policies. - Flexible Deployment –Appliance, software and SaaS deployment options can be flexibly deployed to meet specific operational and cost requirements. - Simple, scalable management – A centralized management architecture scales from the small single-site business to the large Fortune 100 distributed enterprise.

Blue Coat ProxySG
The Blue Coat Full Proxy Edition of ProxySG appliances are part of the Application Delivery Network (ADN) infrastructure that provides complete application visibility, acceleration and security. To support the Application Delivery Network, ProxySG delivers a scalable proxy platform architecture to secure Web communications and accelerate the delivery of business applications. ProxySG enables flexible policy controls over content, users, applications and protocols and is the choice of more than 80% of the Fortune® Global 500.

Check Point Web Security Software Blade
The Check Point Web Security Software Blade provides a set of advanced capabilities that detect and prevent attacks launched against the Web infrastructure. The Web Security Software Blade delivers comprehensive protection when using the Web for business and communication. Key benefits - Establishes strongest protection against buffer-overflow attacks - Offers application-level Web Security at wire-speed - Improves end-user experience by inserting helpdesk Web pages - Provides quick deployment for mission-critical applications - Protects against new threats through the Check Point Update Service.

Check Point URL Filtering Software Blade
The Check Point URL Filtering Software Blade protects users and enterprises by restricting access to an array of potentially dangerous sites and content, blocking inappropriate Web surfing to over 20-million URLs. Pre-configured policy templates enable quick and simple deployment of policies using content categories. All content profiles are updated continually through a Check Point software update service. Key Benefits - Protects employees from inappropriate or dangerous content - Protects enterprises from inappropriate or illegal use of valuable network resources - Customizable organizational policy - Automated to require minimum maintenance - Activates in seconds

Websense Email Security
Websense Email Security software incorporates multiple layers of real-time Web security and data security intelligence to provide leading email protection from converged email and Web 2.0 threats. It helps to manage outbound data leaks and compliance risk, and enables a consolidated security strategy with the trusted leader in Essential Information Protection. Websense Email Security enables customers to: - Increase email protection with leading security from converged email and Web 2.0 threats, backed by the power of the Websense ThreatSeeker Network - Enforce outbound compliance and data loss protection with granular and highly accurate content filtering to help organizations achieve better corporate governance - Gain visibility through powerful reporting that includes a customizable dashboard to monitor email usage, interactive drill-down reports, and automatic report scheduling and delivery.

Check Point Anti-Spam & Email Security Blade
Spam and destructive Email cost companies billions of dollars in lost productivity every year. The Check Point Anti-Spam and Email Security Software Blade provides comprehensive protection for an organization's messaging infrastructure. A multidimensional approach protects the email infrastructure, provides highly accurate spam protection, and defends organizations from a wide variety of virus and malware threats delivered within email. Continual updates assure that all threats are intercepted before they spread. Key Benefits - Best detection/accuracy performance: 97% spam detection coupled with low false positives - Real-Time detection and updates: immediate protection from new spam and malware outbreaks - Full user control, with no user installation required - Simple configuration with lower management-overhead - Protects against phishing and fraudulent email-borne attacks.

Sophos Email Appliance
Block spam and malware, and prevent data loss Key features Sophos Email Appliances – part of Email Security and Data Protection – provide simple, powerful protection against spam, malware and data loss. With a choice of 3 models and easy clustering, these managed appliances scale to meet the needs of any organization. Complete protection for your email infrastructure - Eliminate over 99% of spam with Sender Genotype Technology and Live Anti-Spam real-time updates - Proactively protect against evolving threats including viruses, phishing, and malware with Sophos Behavioral Genotype technology Simplified data protection ensures compliance - Protect sensitive data with integrated SPX Encryption technology - Prevent accidental loss of sensitive information with unique and simple Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Sophos Email Security and Data Protection (PMX)
Stop spam, phishing, malware, and data loss Key features Sophos Email Security and Data Protection proactively blocks inbound and outbound threats with unrivaled effectiveness and simplicity while protecting confidential and sensitive information, delivering high-capacity, high-availability gateway and groupware security and data protection. One license provides end-to-end threat and data protection with hands-off managed appliances and easy-to-use software.

Blue Coat PacketShaper
Blue Coat PacketShaper delivers integrated visibility, control and compression capabilities in a single appliance. With PacketShaper's application performance monitoring capabilities, IT can identify all the applications on the network and monitor response times and utilization at the application level. In addition, IT can optimize application performance by using granular quality of service (QoS) controls to regulate traffic and increase WAN capacity through application-specific compression techniques. Designed as a scalable, flexible platform, PacketShaper Application Performance Monitoring can be easily configured for additional functionality with a flexible range of appliances that can be enhanced by software modules or hardware components.

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